Wander: Dont worry Chet!


Slyvia: *laughs* like what

Chet: A Bag of salt could come open, and pour on Burn!

Slyvia: Like thats going to happen

Chet: A earth could come and rip open the GROUND, WE COULD FALL IN!

Wander: *places his hand on chet* dont worry we'll help you

Chet: you will! Thank you guys! Please wash your hands before touching me

Wander: Sorry

Chet: I'm 2 scared to give Tiger lily her invitation

Wander: if your scared of her! why are you inviting her?

Chet: No no no I'm not scared of her. I'm scared of the tiger beetles she been hanging out with.

Wander: Oh

chet: besides it mating season for Tiger beetles, so Hardcase would eat me alive if saw me,or Turbo near Tiger lily.

Wander: Ok

(20 mintures later)

Wander: Hey tiger lily

Tiger lily: what brings you to Tiger beetle terroriary

Wander: *Hands Tiger lily a card* Chet wants you to come to his Wedding

Tiger lily: They are getting MARRIED

Hardcase: *Growls, and tackles Wander*

Wander: Hey hardcase! *hugs Hardcase* HOW ARE YOU BUDDY

Hardcase: *tries to push Wander off* GET OFF ME!

Tiger lily: *giggles*

Hardcase: Dude your making a mockery of me! *points at Tiger lily* in front of a girl

Wander: So you need be happy *Grab Hardcase's antennas"

Hardcase: gross When have you tooken a shower! you smell so horrible!

Wander: 2 weeks ago

Hardcase: *uses his pinscers near his mouth to latch on to Wander's arm, digging into his arm*

Wander: AHGRH!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT!

Tiger lily: * Grabs Hardcase's antennas's and pulls on them* GET OFF OF HIM!

Hardcase: *drops wander*

Tiger lily: I'm out of his boys club! *walks off* come on wander!

Hardcase: DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 20 mintures later*

Chet: I do

Burn: i do

Whiplash: then you may kiss the bride

Chet: *kisses Burn*

Tiger lily: *turns her head to see Hardcase* Hardcase!?

Everyone gasp!

chet: what is he doing here. I-uh *faints*

Burn: *goes up to Hardcase* YOU CRASHING MY WEDDING!

Wander: Oh no!

Hater: *runs up behind hardcase* Evil plan!

Hardcase: No *gets on one knees*

Smoothmove: Uh I know whats going to happen *smirks*

Skidmark: Hes going to propose!

White Shadow: Whiiiite shadow!

Turbo: Wander did you invite this guy to wedding!

Burn: Get away from my maid of Honor Hardcase!

Wander: No I didnt

Hardcase: This is a wedding *grabs Tiger Lily's hands* Will you Marry me!

Tiger lily: *turns away* I dont know

Hardcase: *looks away* I see *gets up*

Tiger lily: I'm sorry, i'm in Love with Wander or Turbo!

Wander and turbo: WHAT!!!???

Turbo: *narrows his eyes* I'll fight you for her

Wander: you can keep her I like slyvia!

Slyvia: what wander were just friends



Tiger lily: NO! I'M NOT A THROPY! *Cries* Is that what you think of me!

Hardcase: No I dont think of you like that!

Tiger lily: *runs off crying*

Turbo: I'll go talk 2 her.

Hardcase: *growls* Worthless snail ruined my chance of love!

Slyvia: *punches hardcase* SHUT UP YOU BUG!

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