(nova is a female skeleton)

Nova: *Was in Hater's arm, as he cried her around the ship*

Hater: Hope you like your new life *Hater moved his face closer to her giving a smirk* As my queen

Nova: *Flicked her sleek black hair back* *acidently realizing a hole in her forehead with cracks someing from it.

Hater: Huh?! Whats that hole in her skull

Nova: *gasp*  Hater your not supposed to see that....Its...Its *trying to speak*....

Hater: Why is it there?!

Nova: *glups* ....I....i..uh...Pplease Dont get mad at me....

Hater: *all confused* Why would I get made at you sweetie *still holding her in his arms*

Nova: I was young ...I...Was always bullied... So I......*wait away few seconds before speaking* Shot myself in the head, thats how I became undead. A witch who hated me cursed me to become undead. So I will always kill in enteral Pain.

Hater: *Drops Nova on the ground* WHAT?! WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING. *Folds his arms* Thats a Horrible thing to say. Cursed to become Undead! Rude much!

Nova: ..... ha..*eyes* Hater I d..didnt mean like that.

Hater: Stop your crying Woman, as queen you shouldnt be crying like some whimp! I expected more you! I..I..I.. *growls* I'm heading to my Throne room! You Do what ever. I dont care what you do

Nova: *freezes with her mouth wide opened, not understanding what just happened*

Peepers: My lady are you ok *rushes up to her* Lord Hater can be a bratty teenager sometimes.

Nova: He..Hes doesn...Doesnt love me *says quietly to herself*

Peepers: What? was that

Nova: He doesnt love me anymore.

Peepers: No.. no no no no Yes he does...He do love you

Nova: I find the perfect man...He hates my guts *tears drip from her eyes, then turn to streams trinkling down her face*

Peepers: Sir...Sir..Sir!!!! *screams it*

Nova: *hears Hater screaming what?!* *wips away her tears*

Hater: *walking down the hall* WHAT?! IS IT!

Peepers: Well Sir arent you forgetting something?

Hater: *thinks for a second* ...No..What am I forgetting

Peepers: Well Nova of course arent you going to spend your first day of marriage together

Hater: She upset me, she whinny, *growls*

Nova: *lowers her head*

Peepers: Sir please your married

Hater: *puts his hand on Nova's shoulder* your right *kisses Nova*

Nova: *giggles*

......3 years later

Nova: *Layer of Magic grows where her belly would be at*

Hater: Why is that happening

Nova: I'm pregant

Hater: *eyes widen* Whaaaat?!

Peepers: Congration! my queen a little prince will be born!

Hater: No No No NO no NO! *screams* WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peepers: *gets in front of Nova* Sir..Sir Please just calm down!

Hater: *insane laughs* HAHAHAHHhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont worry my Queen I would hurt you! *Insane laughs* You'll Protect you from Harm! *grabs his head* My head it hurts!. *shakes his head* Dont worry I'll Kill you!> *screams in pain* I'll protect you from agrh!! *Fingers glow green* I'LL KILL YOU!

Peepers: Run *turns to Nova* Run!

Hater: *freezes* Its my Pow-agrh!... My  Powers. Th..agrh!!! acting up.They....Agrh!! controling me.

Nova: *places her on her belly* Why is this happening!

Peepers: *runs and pushes her* Run!

Nova: *begins to Run*

Hater: *They multi side personality attack stops*

Peepers: I think it stopped, Sir are back to normal, is power controled you, or is controlled you

Hater: I'm fine. I'm back to normal peepers *smirks* Honey I'm fine. It was just the old Powers acting up again

Nova: *stops, and returns to Hater*

Hater: My love Please no need to treat me

Nova: your acting strang Hatey

Hater: *grabs her by the neck* I'm not used to acting this nice

Nova: whats going on!

Hater: Well you see my powers keep me alive, like all Skeletons, they do. Your just too stupid you know how to use yours. When our Powers get low. We get poessed by them. We look for the next victim to drain the power from to revive our life force.

Nova: Why me?!

Hater: Skeletons hold the most Power. You never used your before. So your going to revive me back to full force.

Nova: But you'll kill your unborn Son

Hater: oh Please you know why they are not much Skeletons around, we drain our own kind's life energy. We dont even know we did it afterwards.  *drains her powers*

Nova: *drops dead*

Hater: *wakes up* Nova! What happened

Peepers: *freezes* You Did it

Hater: HOW!

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