Hater: You want some toast, I bet you do

Killbot 86: Please jam and butter too

Hater: Were out of grape so sad. Its all your fault you bad dad

Killbot 86: You know what son

Hater: Ya dad

Killbot 86: You got nerve

Sabrina: Wander why do you read that tabnoid trash, there nothing but lies

Wander: *flips through pages* hmm Sabrina looks fabilous

Sabrina: With a incasual glammer of true

Wander: You didnt let me finish, too bad she really a guy!

SabrinaL *gasp*

Sabrina: *Music plays in the background* (holds her father hater's credit card) My very first credit card..TODAY I AM A WOMAN!

Hater: give me a card and a pocket to put it in

.... five mintures later

Hater: Where did I put that thing

Slyvia: No reason to worry its probably right next to your brain. aw now you'll never beable find it

Peepers: You ripped me off

Hater: your the one ripping people off $3 bucks for a bottle of water thats stealing

Peepers: Thats America! you wanna give stuff away. Open your own shack. you can call it IHOF International house of failure!

Hater: Maybe I will, but I'll call it International house of reasonly priced water and fries and stuff. Ihorpwafas! YA!..Ya..fear the name and treible Peepers.. IHORPWAFAS!

Wander: Oh No its doctor phillbilly

Killbot 86: Ok Nova I want to pretend to be Hater. and Hater you pretend to be Nova

Nova: oh sure give him the good part

Hater: oh gez, I only hope I can do with Justice. HI I'M NOVA, NOW I'M PULSAR, NOW I'M NOVA, I'M A REAL GIRL. I'M A POPSTAR! you one makes mistakes, everyone has those days..EXPECT FOR ME BECAUSE I'M PERFECT!.....*Looks at Nova* your turn

Nova: -_-

(o.c nova, and Sabrina)

Nova is Hater's crush and wife

Sabrina is Hater's daughter

Nova/Jazmii are from different fanfiction stories of mine.

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