(Angel wandered a bit until she found Moon, who also chose to go off by herself.)

Moon: Oh, there you are, Angel! I was beginning to think I was going to be alone the whole time we were on this planet!

Angel: Moon, for you are never alone. The stars above as well as the angels are always near to our sides. And call me not Angel, for the name I was given at birth is Ciala. I am Ciala, and always will be.

Moon: Wha...what are you talking about?

Angel: I have seen her...

Moon: Seen who?

Angel: My other soul. Nomad she is. She lived thousands of years ago, before we walked or breathed.

Moon:'s not Nomad as in Scorpio's friend...?

Angel: No. Not at all.

Moon: So.....who is this Nomad?

Angel: A Star Nomad. One of the first. She met Yonder in the woods by chance, and they fell into a deep emotion called love.

Moon: (thinks of Flame) Love... (shakes her head) We should...probably find the others and get some food. The sun's at it's highest point.

(Angel and Moon find the others and get food. Yum. The others also noticed how Angel was talking.)

Angel: The stars have shifted...the planets will align...oh, great Yonder....

Sabrina: (turns to Moon) Why does she speak this way?

Moon: I don't know...something happened at that tree she was at...what was it called...(tries to think if the name, but her head comes up blank.)

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