Annika: Sylvia, may I speak with Wander alone, please?

Sylvia: Oh, umm, yes, of course. (walks away)

Annika: (turns to Wander) You're not in trouble, Wander...

Wander: (exhales loudly)

Annika: I knew you were thinking about the cookie. I didn't really eat it. I'll give you another chance with it, if you really want to.

Wander: Okay.

Annika: (cookie magically appears in her hand, and it floats down to Wander)

Wander: SARAH!! I missed you so much.

Annika: I'll let you keep the cookie if it means you won't go around throwing knives at everyone. Promise me you'll keep yourself under control.

Wander: (isn't looking at Annika) I promise!

Annika: Okay. (three trumpets sound) Oh, I'm needed at the castle. I'll see you later, Wander.

Wander: (is still looking at the cookie) Yeah, see ya.

(Annika arrives at the castle and walks down the hall to her Meeting Room, and sits in a chair. Kilo, Shane, Joshua, and Melvin were there.)

Annika: Is everything okay?

Joshua: No. That little fuzzball almost KILLED you in the training grounds today!

Annika: He was only thinking about his...umm...girlfriend?

Kilo: That doesn't give him the right to throw a knife at you.

Shane: Kilo's right.

Melvin: We'll give the fuzzball another chance, but if anything like that happens again, he'll be thrown out of the kingdom and will never be allowed to come back in.

(Kilo, Shane, and Joshua nod.)

Annika: Nothing like that will ever happen again. He promised.

(Kilo, Shane, Joshua, and Melvin all looked at each other, then agreed.)

Shane: Okay. Thank you for your time, queen.

Annika: No problem. (gets up and walks out of the Meeting Room.) I really hope he won't break his promise...

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