ForeverTrombone, don't even ask. :/    Lol

(ForeverTrombone was walking in the small group of trees in my backyard, when suddenly, Katie, my character, appeared out of nowhere.)

Katie:'d I get here?

ForeverTrombone: I don't know. I'm Katie, by the way.

Katie: Wait...your name is Katie?

ForeverTrombone: Uhh, yeah?

Katie: My name is Katie!

ForeverTrombone: Oh, no way! That's...

Katie: There can only be ONE person named Katie, and that person is ME. (crosses her arms and gives ForeverTrombone a mean look)

ForeverTrombone: (backs up) Whoa, hey! I don't even know you! Besides, we're from two different worlds to TECHNICALLY you ARE the only person named Katie...hehe...right?


ForeverTrombone: What?

(Katie tackled ForeverTrombone, and the started smacking each other. Then, SilverArcticWolff (me), came outside.)

SilverArcticWolff: Hey, what the fudge is going on?!

THE END!!!!!!! XD

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