(Angel, Wander, Flame, and Moon all woke up in a small office.)

Angel: (rubs her head) Where ARE we?

(Suddenly, a phone starts ringing. Angel had to cover her mouth to keep herself from screaming.)

Moon: Should...we answer the phone?

Wander: No! It could be anyone!

(Then a voicemail went off. The voice sounded like the evil twin of SilverArcticWolff. The voice welcomed them to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, said some things about getting settled for the first night, and also how the robots could get a bit "quirky" at night.)

Angel: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?

Wander: We're at a PIZZA restaurant?! WHERE'S THE PIZZA?!?!

Flame: GUYS! Listen! (looks back at the phone)

(The voice said that any damage of the property would not be their responsibilty, neither would the death of a person be.)

Flame: Wait, the DEATH of a person?!

(The voice continued. Then it said "goodnight", and the person held up)

Angel: Now what do we do?

Wander: We need to moniter the robot's movements using these cameras. (nods toward the cameras)

Moon: Yes, AND we need to close the doors and turn on the lights ONLY if we have to.

(So then they began to moniter. They weren't seeing much activity, until Angel saw something in the Show Stage camera that scared her so bad she almost wet herself.)

Angel: Uhhh...guys....?

(Wander, Flame, and Moon all turn to Angel)

Wander: What is it?

Angel: The show stage...there's...a robot missing....the bunny.

(Wander, Flame, and Moon look at the show stage camera. They see the chicken and the bear, but not the bunny. Flame tries not to freak out. Angel looks at other cameras, trying to find the bunny.)

Flame: (breathes heavily) Ok...ok...the goal is NOT to panic.

Moon: We're not trying to.

Flame: We need to find that bunny and track it before it finds this office and kills us.

Angel: (looks back at the Show Stage camera, then at the West Hall camera) I think it already knows where we are.

(The three others look back at the camera, and see the bunny standing at the end of the west hall. The light was flickering, so they only got to see the bunny for a split second while the light continued to flicker. The four friends continued to moniter, but when they came back to the west hall camera, the bunny was gone.)

Moon: Don't worry, guys, the bunny is probably...(turns the light on as she's talking, she turns, and the bunny was right there.)

(Moon shrieks, and closes the door as quick as she could. She leaned against the door, stiff.)

Moon: That was close!

Wander: Yeah...too close, if you ask me.

Flame: What time is it, anyway?

Angel: It's....3 am. Wow, time goes by fast here.

Moon: Also, we only have 24% battery left. I don't know if we're going to make it.

(Then, after about a minute or two, the power was at 1%, then 0%, then it went out.)

Flame: Uh oh...

Wander: Guys, if we stay quiet, and completely still, then maybe they won't find us.

(They see Freddy's face flashing in the west hall. The shocked expressions on their faces froze there, and they just continued to stare at Freddy's flashing face. Suddenly, the time shifted from 5 am to 6 am.)

Angel: We made it through the first night!!

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