(The second night had begun.)

Wander: Wait..there's MORE?

Angel: Yeah. Apparently, we're in a game...a game called Five Nights at Freddy's.

Wander: Oh.

(The phone rang again, and on came another voicemail. The voice congratulated them on making it through the first night. Then she said something about the robots being more active now. After some more talking, she hung up.)

Moon: The robots are more active?

Flame: We have a better shot at death, now.

Angel: Obviously, there are five nights to this game, AND two bonus nights. Maybe we can get to them!

Wander: Uh, NO. I want to get out of here ASAP!

Angel: Whatever. Let's just moniter, already!!

(The four friends moniter the halls, kitchen, show stage, and other rooms. Then, when Moon looked back at the show stage camera, the bunny and the chicken were both missing.)

Moon: Guys, the bunny and chicken aren't on the show stage.

Wander: Welp, the chicken is by the restrooms...

Angel: ...and the bunny is in the dining area.

Flame: Ok. We know where they are. We can't give up now!

(Angel turned on the lights, and the chicken was there. Angel quickly closed the door.)

Moon: Remember, Angel, don't leave the door closed too long!

Angel: Ok. (after a few seconds, opens the door, and the chicken was gone) Does anyone know what time it is?

Flame: It's only 2 am.

Angel: Great. Four more hours to go. I don't know if we'll make it.

(Wander checks the west hall, and a fox...a robot they've never seen before, came racing down that hall. Wander screamed, and tried to close the door in time, but he was too late. The fox made that robot shrieking sound, and the screen that the four friends were stuck in went fuzzy.)

They died.

THE END!!!!!

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