A female Star Nomad, Wander's age, was walking through the forest, which was what she usually did when she needed to clear her head. She had a red-orange body with brown hair with the ends of her hair dyed red. Her name was Annika. She was just walking when she almost stepped on Angel's dead body. She jumped back and fell against a tree.

Annika: Who's this? (notices the knife that Angel was still gripping) Oh...

(Annika looked around, then noticed some white flowers growing out in the open. She ran over to them, picked them, ran back to Angel, took Angel's hands, and placed the flowers in Angel's hands.)

Annika: Rest in peace, dear friend.

(Annika then picked up the knife, looked at it, then chucked it as far away as she could.)

Annika: This really needs to stop...(shakes she head, looks at Angel's body one last time, then continued walking)

(She walked a little farther. Then she heard voices in the bushes. She peered over and saw a grey female Star Nomad, a red female Star Nomad, a brown male Star Nomad, and a blue male zbornak who was crying. The brown male Star Nomad was comforting him.)

Moon: You heard about the...occurance...right?

Luka: (nods) be's...(sighs)'s a lot to take in.

Moon: Yes. Angel commited suicide. It wasn't just any Star Nomad, but our friend...

Flame: But...why, though?

Moon: (shakes her head) I don't know...

(Makota continues to cry and Moon walks over to him.)

Moon: There, there, Makota, everything's going to be okay.

Makota:'s not! She was my best friend, and she took her own life for GROP KNOWS WHY!!! (covers his eyes and continues to cry)

(Annika held back her own tears. She always had a hard time talking of suicide, because when she was a teenager, a friend of hers, whose name was Ash, killed himself only because his sister, whose name was Lola and was also Annika's friend, was killed in a car crash. Ash was her best friend, and after he killed himself, Annika decided to become a wanderer and meet new people.)

Luka: There really is no point in this group if Angel isn't here. I mean, Angel and Wander have kept this group together for maybe two years, now? It doesn't matter. Now Angel's gone, and Wander's dating a cookie. Yeah, I don't think this group is going to make it much longer.

Moon: Luka does have a point.

Flame: and I away together, ya know? Like, if this group really is falling apart, then there really is no point in staying here.

Moon: I think we should. (smiles)

Luka: My group is probably gonna hit the road, too. Makota? What about you?

-No answer-

Moon: We'll leave you alone, Makota. (kisses Makota lightly) Goodbye. (looks at Luka) Goodbye, Luka. Tell your group, and everyone else, that we're leaving.

Luka: Bye, you two love birds. (smiles slightly)

(When Luka, Moon, and Flame are gone, Annika comes out of the bushes and rushes over to Makota. He's looking down and she couldn't see his face.)

Annika: Hey, hey. Makota, is it? Listen, it's you're not alone...

(Makota's head jerks up. His mane turned really dark and his eyes turned a deep red color. Black wings grew out of his back and fangs sprouted from his mouth. His voice echoed when he spoke.)


Annika: (tried to stay calm) Look, I know how it feels when you loose someone to suicide. My friend commited suicide when I was a teenager.


(Makota spread out his wings and flew away.)

(About 20 minutes later, Makota found a cave in the mountains and made that his home. He wanted to be away from people for the rest of his life that he thought was worthless.)

Makota: Angel...I wish I was there to save you...

Angel's voice: Makota...

Makota: (head shoots up) Angel? Is that you? Where are you?

(Angel's spirit appears right in front of Makota)

Makota: Angel! You're still here!

Angel: Well...not exactly...but yes, I am here. Don't be sad, Makota, my spirit will always be here with you, no matter what. I also realized that I spent my whole earth life obsessing over a guy who just ended up loving a cookie, when really, the guy I should've been obsessing over, was you. (smiles)

Makota: (tears come to his eyes) That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me!

(Angel and Makota hug.)

The End

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