(The group arrived just outside of the kingdom.)

Joshua: We made it...and it only took a day's travel. So, are we ready?

(Everyone nods.)

Joshua: Okay, let's go.

(The group starts to walk towards the gates to the kingdom, but are stopped by two guards.)

Guard 1: Who are you? Why have you come here?

Joshua: Oh, we're from the Firemad Kingdom...Kila's sister's kingdom...

Guard 2: Queen Annika...(looks at Guard 1)

Guard 1: Oh, yes, yes! Come in! (opens gates and the group walks in)

(The Icemad Kingdom was like the Firemad Kingdom, but everything was ice. The group looks up at the castle.)

Wander: That is one big ice castle...

Turner: Don't worry, guys, we'll go on ahead again...

Joshua: Oh, no, this time...we stay together.

Turner: (rolls eyes) Fine, whatever.

(The group arrives at the castle. They knock on the castle gates, and they open. They walk into a room with a long hallway. They see a white female Star Nomad with blue and white hair standing at the end of the hallway. She starts walking down it.)

Joshua: Queen Kila...

(The group, including the bounty hunters, all bow. Wander looks around and sees Sylvia and the others bowing, so he does the same.)

Kila: Hello, fellow Star Nomads...and zbornak. What are you seeking after?

Joshua: (clears throat) Well, Queen Kila, we came in search of you, and reuniting you and your sister, Queen Annika.

Kila: (starts to smile) sister? You know where she is?! (is grinning by now)

Joshua: Yes, we do. Let us take you to her...

Kila: Okay, but I can't leave my people...

Luma's voice: Don't worry, Queen Kila...(steps out of a room with a couple other servants behind her) We'll take care of them.

Kila: Oh, thank you. Thank you all!

Joshua: It is a day's travel to get back to your sister's kingdom, and since the sun's gone down, we'll have to journey tomorrow.

Kila: You all are welcomed to stay at the castle for the night. My reward from me to you for finding my sister.

(The group cheers.)

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