I thought I could get a head start on the episodes since I'm bored. :P

(One day, on the day of the Summer Sun, a Star Nomad was born. He was something that no Star Nomad had ever seen. His parents looked down at him. The father was the Star Nomad god of the sea, and the mother, the Star Nomad goddess of nature.)

Father: Well, Elastrin, what should we call him?

Elastrin (who was the mother): (gazes at the baby. His eyes were sealed shut, but she felt as though she was looking into his eyes, and straight into his soul. It was then she found the perfect name. Her voice came out barely a whisper.) Yonder...

Father (whose name was Centhric): What did you say?

Elastrin: (turns to Centhric) Yonder. His name is Yonder.

Centhric: That's perfect.

(Minutes later, Yonder's beautiful brown eyes opened, and the first things he saw were Centhric and Elastrin.)

Elastrin: (whispers) Yonder...Yonder, it's us. Centhric and Elastrin. We're your parents. We're here to guide you and care for you.

(They couldn't tell if Yonder understood, but he seemed to blink with either confusion or just because he was tired. But something within Yonder didn't want to sleep. He wanted to know who these creatures were who were looking down at him. Were these two all this life had to offer? Life. The word echoed in Yonder's head. He never heard the word, but he somehow knew it. The galaxy awaited him.)

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