(Years pasted, and Yonder grew. He was now 6 years old. He watched as his father Centhric sent waves throughout the sea.)

Yonder: Hey, dad?

Centhric: Yes?

Yonder: How do you do that?

Centhric: Do what?

Yonder: You know...control the sea like that?

Centhric: It's a power the stars gave to me.

Yonder: The stars?

Centhric: Surely you know what stars are, Yonder...

Yonder: I never understood stars...

Centhric: (turns to his son) Come with me, Yonder, I need to show you something I should've shown you a while ago. (takes Yonder's hand and leads him up a mountain. They get high enough to where they couldn't see the ground, but they could breathe. Yonder and Centhric looked up, and saw millions and millions of stars.)

Yonder: Whoa...what...what are they?

Centhric: The stars, Yonder. They are what put this planet together.

(It was then Yonder started thinking. They were on a planet, he realized. He wondered if there were any other planets like the one they were on now.)

Yonder: (turns to his father this time) Dad?

Centhric: Yes?

Yonder: I don't know how to ask this, but...are there...any more?

Centhric: Any more of what, Yonder?

Yonder: Planets. Like this one we're on.

Centhric: Yonder! Are you cam nac? There's just no way that's possible! (cam nac are the words the Star Nomads used thousands of years ago meaning "crazy".)

Yonder: (reconsiders) Yes, I guess you're right. (looks at the ground with shame)

(Yonder was just too curious. He had to see if there were any other planets out there like the one they were on.)

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