(The blue glowing object was a spirit. Not just any spirit, but the Spirit Before Life. This spirit roamed the planet even before Yonder's father, Centhric, who is the first Star Nomad. (Remember, this is thousands of years before Wander, Angel, and all them were born.) The spirit and Nomad locked eyes, and the world opened up to Nomad.)

Nomad: (in her mind) I..I could've died...(looks back at the waves, then back at the Spirit Before Life) This spirit saved me.

(Nomad also wondered how she was able to crawl over to where the spirit was standing. She wasn't even six months old yet. In fact, she was only a few weeks old. The spirit, who was a blue mist, led Nomad through the woods, and to a hole in a tree.)

Spirit: (smiles and thinks to herself) The pour creature doesn't deserve this. Only because of the diamond in your palm...(shakes her head, got closer to Nomad, and sang a lullaby, and Nomad fell asleep)

(More years past. Yonder and Nomad were both young adults.Yonder got to work figuring out plans to get off the planet and see if there are any more, while Nomad wandered the forests and befriended the forest creatures. It was only by fate that they met that day. Yonder saw a bush with flowers on it, but two flowers looked like two eyes.)

Yonder: Wha...what?

(She came out of the bush. It was Nomad. Her gold hair now extended past her hip bone. Her brown eyes sparkled and her eyelashes fluttered.)

Yonder: (blinks) Who are you?

Nomad: I'm known as Nomad. And you are?

Yonder: Oh...they call me Yonder.

(Nomad looks into Yonder's eyes. Something deep within him stirred her blood. Yonder had the same feeling. There hearts started beating fast. It was an emotion that neither of them experianced. This emotion could only be love.)

Nomad:'re the one...

Yonder: (takes Nomad's hands) But how can we be sure? We just met.

Nomad: We're only two of the seven Star Nomads on this planet. I feel it in my spine.

Yonder: (wind blows through his fur, making him more attractive. Not that he isn't attractive already XD) Yes, I feel it, too.

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