(Ciala, now 10, was walking through a dark forest because she developed a love for dark places for some reason. She ran into a zbornak who looked about her age, maybe younger.)

Zbornak: Why are you walking through a dark forest, friend? (grins wide)

Ciala: The same reason you are, friend.

Zbornak: How do you know why I'm walking through a dark forest, friend?

Ciala: I don't know, friend.

Zbornak: What's your name, friend?

Ciala: My name is Ciala, friend. What's your name, friend?

Zbornak: My name's Bara, friend.

Ciala: Want to go be creepy together, friend?

Bara: Ok, friend.

They were both two lollis going around scaring ppl in the middle of the night.

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