Hello, everyone! It's me, Crossc36. As you may or may not know, I switched accounts. The reason I switched accounts is because I found out a certain person (I'm not mentioning any names) is able to go on my account through the emails I get from this site, and read my posts. I don't like that. :/ It is no one on this wiki, it is actually someone I know in person. So now u all can call me SilverArcticWolff36. That's also my user name in Animal Jam, it just doesn't have the number 36 in it. So add meh if u want! Also, I definatley will be continuing The War series, and I just finished Ep. 22 on Crossc36 blog posts, so feel free to go back and read it! But, as I said, I will write Ep. 23 on SilverArcticWolff blog posts, and continue from there. :D

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