Wander: Angel, I told you, I'm in love with Sarah. You're going to have to accept that.

(There was a short pause before Angel spoke.)

Angel: She's a COOKIE, Wander...(looks to the side)

Wander: She's not just a cookie...she's the love of my life! We're DONE, Angel. (walks away)

(Angel takes her braid out and flips her hair.)

Angel: (sings) You come around

I thought you were the one

No wonder Maddie left you

You're in love with a cookie

For goodness sake, Wander

My love

My life

My all

I only have one request

A kiss

A kiss from you

Just one before I die

(Tears fall from Angel's cheeks and fall like raindrops to the ground. Angel takes out a knife and stares at it.)

Angel: (sings) I thought you loved me, too

All those precious moments we had together are gone


You don't care anymore

(Angel gets ready to pierce herself with the knife)

Now I'm 'bout to kill myself

Because you love a cookie more than me

What's wrong with me?

I might as well kill myself

There's no point in me staying

(Angel stabs herself in the chest and she falls.)

Angel: (sings weakly)

I only have one request

A kiss

A kiss from you

Just one...before I die....

(Angel looks up at the sky one last time, and her heart beat its last.)

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