(Angel was staring at her reflection in the lake.)

Angel: (sighs) Who am I?

(The bushes rustle)

Angel: (whizzes around) Who's there?

(A female Star Nomad comes out.)

?: (in a quiet sweet voice) Oh, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you! (smiles nervously)

Angel: Oh, that's ok! My name is Angel, by the way. What's yours?

?: They call me Gemne.

Angel: Who are "they"?

Gemne: (looks around nervously) one. Never mind.

Angel: (gives Gemne a curious look)

Gemne: So, I..ummm...I actually need help...

Angel: Ok. With what?

Gemne: I need to find a transportation system. Faster than the bubble of Orbal Juice. I need...(can't seem to finish her sentence at first, and lowers her voice)...I need to get outta here.

Angel: What? Why?

Gemne: If I told you, they would track me down and slowly kill me. I can never tell when they're watching...

(Angel desparately wanted to know who "they" were.)

Gemne: Anyway, can you help me find a fast transportation system?

(Angel looked into Gemne's eyes. Her eyes seemed so familiar. But how? Angel felt like she just saw those eyes when she looked....into...the! It couldn't be! Gemne was her SISTER! That was impossible! Angel never knew her family. She didn't even know if she HAD a family!)

Angel: Wait...Gemne?

Gemne: Yes?

Angel: I..I....I don't know how to say this, all makes sense now. Your eyes....our eyes...are the same. We're sisters.

Gemne: (who was once as shy and quiet as a butterfly, had a complete change in personality) CAN'T be! My parents...our parents...always said that my sister, Ciala, was separated from us. It was just me, Nik, and Tony.

Angel: Nik? Tony? Who are they?

Gemne: Our brothers!

Angel: And Ciala? Is

Gemne: Yes. It's what our mum named you. (studies Angel) It's all coming together, now! Our mum said you were a tan-yellow color with blond-brown hair. You...(a tear comes to her eye) look like you did in the picture I saw of us...(Angel gets closer to Gemne and hugs her)

Angel: It's ok...we're together again.

(Gemne wipes away her tears, and she and Angel break away)

Angel: Wait...our parents...are they...still alive?

Gemne: Yes. I think. Although, I haven't seen them in quite awhile. (thinks for a second) Angel...what a pretty name. Who named you that?

(Angel flashed back to when she was small. She slept in a small ally in a box. One day, she went to visit her old friend Maudey, who was a gold Star Nomad, like her other soul, Nomad. Angel brought Maudey food, clothes, and water, too. Maudey was on the verge of death. That day when Angel visited her, she was laying down on a mat. Angel immediately knew she was dying.)

Angel: (places a blanket she found on Maudey, and she also found a flower outside, which she put on top of her, too.)

Maudey: (in a weak voice) Oh, thank you, sweetheart! You know, you're so good to me. You're my little angel.

(Those were Maudey's last words. She closed her eyes, and her soul made its way to the Paradise. Angel. The word rang in Angel's head. The name sorta stuck. She then started calling herself Angel. She snapped out of her flashback.)

Angel: (turns back to her sister) A friend called me that. She said I was her angel.

Gemne: Oh, how nice!

Angel: So...we have two brothers, huh?

Gemne: Yup! (gets an idea) We should try to find them, and our parents, too!

Angel: Ok! (then remembers Wander, Makota, and the rest of her friends) Oh, but, I have friends here, and what if we never come back?

Gemne: Then let's take them with us!

Angel: That'll work! Let's go get them. We'll leave at sunrise tomorrow.

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