(It took one more year, but the kingdom was finally built, the castle, the houses, the shops, etc. Annika and Kila look down from a window in the new castle.)

Annika: Six years, sister. The new kingdom is finished.

Kila: Yes, and it's beautiful. The Icemads get along great with the Firemads.

Annika: Yes, and I'm grateful for that.

(Little did the queens know, there were some people who weren't happy about the new location of the castle. There were six of them, they were a gang. They weren't the bounty hunters, they were long gone. These were new faces. They were all Star Nomads, and there were four females, and two males. They were led by a strong female leader.)

Leader: (is holding binoculars and looking at the people living their happy lives) Looks as though the kingdom is finished, Cloud.

Cloud: (second in command female) Yes, finished with the kingdom that crushed our home!

Leader: Hey, hey, take it easy.

(A male comes out from behind the leaves of a tree)

Male Star Nomad: Not only did they take our home, they took our money, which they "found".

Cloud: They should've known that it belonged to SOMEONE.

Leader: True. Where's Lily, Kat, and Ace?

Male Star Nomad: Stealing food, probably.

Ace: Just got back.

(The female leader, Cloud, and the male Star Nomad turn around and see Lily, Kat, and Ace standing behind them. Ace held out a bag of the food they stole.)

Leader: Nice.

Kat: So, you wanted to know where we were so you could talk to us about our next stealing mission, I'm guessing?

Leader: (smirks) You're smart. (looks at the castle) We're breaking into the castle, and getting our money back.

(The five Star Nomads look at each other. They never attempted anything this big before.)

Lily: Do you think we're ready for that, Marceline?

Marceline: (the female leader, obviously) Yes, I do.

(That night, Marceline and the gang began making a plan for the break-in.)

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