I may use the old characters like Angel, Maddie, and all them sometimes, but for my posts, I'll be using these new characters: ( they're all creatures like Wander, whatever creature he is, I don't even know :/)

Ohna - my main OC. She is a tan color with auburn hair that flows down halfway to her hip. She is suffering from a deep depression, and she cut herself one time. She always has flashbacks of that time when she did. Her parents, as well as the rest of her family, left her because they thought that she wasn't good enough. That was part of what started her depression. 

Maddy (a different Maddy) - is Ohna's best friend. She was always there for Ohna, and she's even going thru things herself. She is a light brown color with black hair with bangs that fall in front of one of her eyes.

Paylee - is the cheerleader of the group of OCs. She always motivates her friends, but because she herself was depressed once. She now suffers from anorexia. She can't look in the mirror without cracking it, or even breaking it entirely. She is a black color with black hair with a bright pink highlight in it.

(This is it for now. More may or not be coming soon. I can't think of any more names rite now. Ugh. :/)

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