(Kila led the group to their own separate rooms. The Icemad Castle was pretty big, so there was enough room for everyone.)

Kila: Wander, this is your room.

(Wander walked into the room after Kila, and looked around the room. He was so interested, he started to drool.)

Wander: Holy flarf...

Kila: There are extra blankets and towels in the closet if you need them. Breakfast will be served in the dining room tomorrow morning, and if you can't find your way, find Luma or any of the other servants.

Wander: Yes, Queen Kila.

Kila: I hope you'll enjoy your stay! (walks out of the room and shuts the door behind her)

(Wander walked over to the bed, and flopped onto it.)

Wander: Wow. Such a soft bed...some improvement to sleeping on Sylvia's bony back...(shakes head and sits up, putting his feet on the floor)...even the floors are fancy! (flops down on the bed again) It was so nice of Queen Kila to let us stay for the night. I mean, I don't think we could've made it back to Queen Annika's kingdom at night. (yawns) Well, I'd better be getting to sleep. (turns off lamp and falls asleep)

(Wander blinked, and next thing he knew, he was inside his mind. A dream. He looked around. The place he was in seemed dark and empty. Wander looked to his left and saw the figure of a female Star Nomad. Her fur was a gold-yellow color, and her brown-blond hair was careful arranged into a braid.)

?: (weak but not raspy voice) Wander...

(Wait a minute. That voice, that fur, that hair...she was too familiar. It was Angel.)

Wander: Angel? Is that you? (starts to run towards her) I'm sorry! I shouldn't have left you for that stupid cookie! It was eaten, anyway!

(Some invisible force held Wander back.)

Wander: Hey!

Angel: Because of you, we are perishing down in the depths of our inner Hell. Our spirits cry out to you, you've killed us both.

Wander: Wait...we? I...I don't see anyone else but you, Angel...

(Right then, another female Star Nomad stepped up to Angel's side. Her black hair had a bright blue streak in it, and her white fur shown in the darkness. Maddie.)

Wander: Maddie? You're here too?!

Maddie: (weak but not raspy voice) You may not've known this, but before I met Sunn, you crushed my heart into millions of tiny pieces. Sunn found me, and put my heart back piece...............

(Wander jumped awake. He slowly sat up, and saw that his pillow was drenched with sweat. A knock at the door startled him.)

Luma: Hello? Wander, is it? It's time to get up. After breakfast, you'll set out on your journey with Kila, and take her to her sister.

Wander: (rubs head) Okay, I'll...I'll be out soon.

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