(As soon as Rose, Cami, and Alex got to the bathroom, Rose broke down crying. Cami and Alex hug and comfort her.)

Cami: Tell us what's wrong.

Alex: We're your best friends, we won't judge you. You know that. (hands Rose a tissue)

Rose: (takes the tissue) He...loves someone else...

(Cami and Alex exchanged glances)

Cami: Chris?

Rose: (nods)

(Cami and Alex's eyes filled with tears. They hated seeing each other cry like this, especially over a crush.)

Alex: I'm...I'm sorry, Rose...

Cami: Is there any way we can help?

Rose: Maybe...but right now, I just need to be left alone for a bit.

(Cami and Alex look at each other again.)

Alex: Ok. Just let us know if you need anything.

(Cami and Alex start to leave the bathroom)

Cami: Are you coming to class?

Rose: I...I can't, right now...

(Cami and Alex leave the bathroom without saying another word. When they were gone, Rose started crying again.)

(It was the middle of class by now, and Rose was still in the bathroom. She couldn't move. She didn't want to move. The tears kept coming. Suddenly, she heard the bathroom door open. If it was a teacher, he or she would question why she was sitting in the bathroom, and not in class. She put her head on her knees, staying as quiet as possible. It was dead silent. Then, someone gently placed their hand on Rose's shoulder.)

?: Are you okay?

Rose: (looks up to see a female Star Nomad who was in her class, but was so quiet that nobody really paid attention to her) Everything's fine...

?: If everything was fine, then you wouldn't be crying...

(Short pause)

Rose: Why aren't you in class?

?: Oh, so you're going to start talking to me like a teacher now? (smiles) My name's Natalia.

Rose: I'm Rose.

Natalia: Nice to meet you. So are you just going to stay here for the rest of class?

Rose: Well...I...

(Bell rings)

Natalia: Oh, that's the bell for the next class! I guess I'll have to see you later, then. (smiles, waves, then walks out of the bathroom)

(As soon as Natalia walks out, a popular clique walks in, with the leader, Brittany, in the front. Most people just called her Britt.)

Britt: Oh my grop, did you see Selena's hair?

Group: Oh my grop, YASS.

Britt: (flips her hair) Ugh, she's SO out of our group...(turns to see Rose)...well, well...look who's here...that emo girl who OBVIOUSLY skipped class...

(Group giggles, and Rose gets up and walks out)

(Another school year was gone. Rose was in high school. Most of the Star Nomads in her class had gone their separate ways, but Rose, Cami, Alex, Natalia, and Chris went to Black Star High School. Oh, and guess who was there? Yup...Adele. Not just any Star Nomad named Adele, but Chris's crush, Adele. When they saw each other, they ran over to greet each other.)

Chris: Adele, oh my grop you didn't tell me you were coming here! (grins)

Adele: (smiles) Well...I'm here.

(Chris and Adele walked away talking, while Rose just stood there witnessing it all.)

(To be continued...)

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