(She fell like a fallen angel. Yaila flapped her wings so hard that she started to sweat. She seemed to fall in slow motion. She looked at her mom, whose arm was cut, and whose wing was damaged. She turned to look at her dad, who was now trying to fly away from a group of Star Nomads who had grabbed hold of his legs, and were pulling him down. Seeing this, Yaila's wings finally caught the wind, and she flew. She grabbed a sword that had fallen to the ground, and fought off the Star Nomads that had caught her dad.)

Sunn: Yaila, you're flying!

Yaila: I know! Now let's go and save mom!

(Yaila and Sunn fly over to Maddie, and free her from the branches.)

Maddie: (says to herself) She finally earned her wings...(looks at both Sunn and Yaila)...this place isn't suitable for a home, anymore. They'll be here...guarding this place. Also, it wouldn't be safe for the baby...

Yaila: (dodges a spear) The baby? (dodges another spear)

Maddie:'ll be a sister, Yaila...(dodges a spear)

Yaila: (looks at her mom with surprise and shock, then snaps out of it)

Sunn: We can't stay here, anymore, we need to leave NOW. No time to pack, we need to leave everything behind.

(Sunn and Maddie start to fly away. Yaila quickly flies back to their home in a tree, grabs her teddy bear, and flies away with her parents, dodging spears as she caught up with them.)

The End

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