(Angel, Wander, and Scorpio all lean against a wall. They almost had heart attacks.)

Scorpio: Wow, that was close! What do you guys think happened to Nomad?

Angel: I don't know, Scorpio. The Maze will do anything to take our lives...

Wander: Hey, Angel...

Angel: Yeah?

Wander: I just thought that maybe we could...I don't know...separate?

Angel: And...why would we do that?

Wander: Well, there are only three of us left, and...don't you think it's better that we die alone, than be turned on?

Scorpio: What do you mean..."turned on"?

Wander: People in a group can easily turn against each other. I don't want to take that chance.

Angel: Well, ok. I guess we can separate. (turns to walk away, then turns back around to face Wander and Scorpio) Thanks for sticking with me, guys, you two are true friends. (smiles and starts to turn back around, but Wander stops her)

Wander: Angel! (runs over to her and grabbed her hands) There's something I need to tell you, in case one of us dies.

Angel: Umm, well, ok, but make it quick.

Wander: (takes a deep breath) I, umm, sorta kinda had a...crush...on you, ever since I met you.

Angel: (eyes get big with hope, and realizes she's about to cry with joy) Aw, Wander, I...I think I feel the same way about you. (tries to smile)

Wander: That's...amazing...(hugs Angel) Just remember, if one of us dies, the other one's time will come, and they will join the one who was killed.

Angel: I hope to stay with you forever in the Paradise, Wander...

(Wander and Angel look into each other's eyes, then kiss.)

Scorpio: (turns away) Ok, umm, ew, that's just disgusting.

(Wander and Angel break away. They turn around to separate.)

Wander: Goodbye, Angel...

Angel: Goodbye, Wander...(turns to look at Scorpio)...oh, and you too, Scorpio.

Wander: Bye, Scorpio. I hope to see you both in the Paradise. But until then...see ya later. (turns around, and runs away)

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