(The group walked down a narrow, dark hallway. Then, the walls spread out, and it became a room.)

Nomad: Where are we?

(Then, there was a voice. The group couldn't see who was talking, but...that seemed so familiar...)

?: You have been welcomed a few times, and I will welcome you again...(pauses)...welcome to the Maze!

(Angel then realized whose voice it was. It was the voice of the very teen who created her.)

Angel: SilverArcticWolff!! What are we doing here?

Silver: I don't even know. All I know is that you need to make it through the Maze, and only one of you will survive...

Wander: Yeah, we heard that part.

Silver: get through this maze, it takes brawns, as well as brains. It takes skill, wits, speed, and plotting. It isn't just some joyride, you know...

Scorpio: But...why are we here?

Silver: Like I said, I don't even know. Oh, and also, by the characters sent in the Maze in the past, the survivor always says that it's like a hardcore Hunger Games. No joke.

Angel: Ok, no big deal. We'll stick together, and only split up if neccessary.

Silver Comet (aka Comet): Aren't you forgetting that only ONE of us survives? What's the point of sticking together?

Angel: So we can protect each other for as long as we can.

Silver: Hey, let me let you guys in on a little secret...(lowers her voice)...I don't want anyone to die, either. I say that Angel, you're idea is perfect. Protect each other for as long as you can, understand?

(The creatures in the group either nod or reply, "yes")

Silver: Ok. I hate saying this every year, but...(an automatic door opens)...the Maze awaits you.

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