(The group walk out the door, and into the Maze. The entrance was stained with blood, and there was writing on the wall that said, "Help me", and "There's no way out", and "Kill yourself now!". Angel reads all these out loud to the group.)

Angel: Wow. This maze must be pretty bad...

Scorpio: Tell me about it...

Nomad: I call staying with Scorpio!

Angel: Whatever, Nomad, just don't get too...ya know...(can't think of a word)...close, ok?

(Scorpio and Nomad stare at each other.)

Scorpio and Nomad: Yeah, sure, whatever...

Angel: Ok. The first challenge of the Maze is up there...(points to a small room with a door on the other side of it)

(The group rush to the door. There is a note on the door. Angel reads the note out loud.)

Angel: (reads note) What is...pie?

(Wander stands there thinking while the others talk.)

Nomad: Puh-LEASE, that's easy! Pie is a dessert! (enters that answer in, but the buzzer beeps that it was wrong, and a blade falls and almost hits him) WHOA!!

(Everyone stands and thinks)

Makota: I..don't understand...

Angel: (gets an idea) Uhh, guys...

Scorpio: Well, maybe it wants a certain kind of pie...

Angel: Guys?

Wander: (gasps) I think I know! It's CHERRY pie!

Angel: GUYS!!!!

(Everyone turns to Angel)

Angel: Ok, I don't know for sure, but...I think it means "pi", the mathmatical equation!

(Everyone stares at her with confusion)

Angel: Ugh, it's 3.141592653! (enters that answer in, and the door opens)

Comet: Angel, you're a GENIUS!!

Angel: (blushes) Thanks. (smiles)

(Wander felt himself twitch. No, he couldn't have been JEALOUS, could he?)

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