(The group heard a bomb go off in the distance, signaling Comet's death. After the group heard it, they ran. They were almost to another part of the maze, when Makota stepped on a button of the ground. A huge blade like the one they saw in the beginning fell on him, killing him. His blood sprays on everyone, and a bomb goes off again.)

Scorpio: (looks at Makota's dead body) Welp, nobody cared about him! Let's keep going.

(Angel gave Scorpio and "what the heck" look, then just shook her head, and kept walking. Little did they know that the most innocent, shy person in the group would be the next to die. The group ran as soon as more blades started to fall. Ebeo ran and ran. He ran away from the group.)

Wander: Ebeo! Where are you going?! (he didn't hear an answer)

(The group kept running until they met up with him again, except he was more flimsy as usual. He tried to run to the group, but a wall fell on him and crushed him. The group didn't see any blood, nor did they hear a bomb go off, but he was for sure dead.)

Scorpio: Hmm, to be honest, I actually kinda cared about that young, innocent zbornak...

Angel: Ugh, GUYS!! We'll honor the deaths of Makota and Ebeo later, but we NEED to get AWAY FROM HERE.

Nomad: Agreed.

(So now the ones who were left were Wander, Angel, Scorpio, and Nomad. The first two days of the Maze have been easy, but now, it stepped up a level. They couldn't even sleep because anything could happen anytime.)

Angel: Guys, group huddle!

(Wander, Angel, Scorpio, and Nomad all huddle.)

Angel: Ok, there are only four of us left. We are not just a group, but a clan. This should be easy, considering that we don't have that many creatures to protect. Ok. (looks around, and sees a door) Hey! Over there! A door we havn't seen before! C'mon!

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