U thought I was done with Teddy for now. WRONG. Go eat a cookie then come back and read this. :)

(A few days later, Wander was talking to Angel and brought up the subject how they were both almost killed by that Teddy person.)

Wander: If it wasn't for the knife you had, we would've been Teddy's dinner!

Angel: I doubt she's a cannibal, Wander...

Wander: You saw how creepy she was!

Angel: Whatever. (looks away then looks back at Wander) bout that cookie...Sarah, or, called to?

Wander: I'M NOT CHEATING ON YOU OR KATIE!!! (covers his mouth)

Angel: Katie? Wait, nevermind I probably don't want to know. The point is, you're cheating on me...and it needs to stop.

Wander: (is a quiet voice) Yeah, sure, whatever...

Teddy's voice: You thought you two were THROUGH with me, huh?

(Wander and Angel turn around to see Teddy's glowing eyes, and not just hers, but three more sets of glowing eyes behind her)

Angel: T...Teddy?

(Teddy steps out of the fog, with purple, yellow, and brown-red Star Nomads behind her.)

Angel: Who...are they?

Teddy: Oh, these guys...(chuckles evily)...these guys are just my "gang".

Wander: You're...gang?

Teddy: (motions oover to the purple Star Nomad) This is Ronnie.

Ronnie: I'm gonna eat your flesh.

Wander: (looks over at Angel) Told ya they were cannibals.

Angel: (elbows Wander) Shut up!

Wander: k

Teddy: (motions over to the yellow one) This is Flica.

Flica: PIZZA.

Teddy :(motions over to the last one, the brown-red one who had a missing eye with nothing covering it except his overly-long hair) And this is Joxy. ((I tried guys))

Joxy: (laughs annoyingly) Run.

Teddy: Yeah, he...can be like this. Anyway, we came to invite you to the grand re-opening of our pizza restaurant. (grins evily)

Wander: Umm, yeah, I'll pass! (runs away)

Angel: Uh, me to. I gotta stuff. (runs away)

Joxy: (growls)

Teddy: Don't worry, Joxy, they'll be back.

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