(I haven't done one of these in forever omg)

(So basically I found out that this show is apparently "ending," correct me if I'm wrong, and I thought, "I haven't made a post in a while," so here I am. Also, I thought of this at 2 in the morning so plz don't judge too hard.)

(If you've read my previous posts, you'll often see a character named "Maddie" who is brought up from time to time. Yes, Maddie is my OC. She's a Star Nomad like Wander. Ok I'll stop talking, geez.)

Wander was walking through the woods on a familiar planet when he saw a streak of white shoot through the air above him.

Wander: (smiles) "Maddie." (Maddie is a Star Nomad w/ wings btw)

Maddie flies ahead and lands on a low branch. Wander runs up to meet her.

Wander: "Hey. Haven't seen you in a while. How've you been? How's the family?"

Maddie turns and gives Wander a long, stern look.

Maddie: "They're gone." (jumps from the branch and quickly flies away)

Wander: "Gone? Wait, Maddie!" (runs in the direction she flew. He finally meets up with her again, and finds her sitting on a fallen tree with her head in her hands.) "What do you mean 'gone?' Please tell me what happened." (sits down next to her)

There was a short pause before she spoke. She spoke quietly.)

Maddie: "They're DEAD, ok? Sonn, Yayla, Zander, all of them. Dead. They were killed while Dominator was destroying a planet."

Wander: "Oh....I'm sorry." (he couldn't think of anything else to say)

There was another short pause.

Maddie: "I have nobody now. My family is dead, my best friend left for the military, and I've lost touch with all our other friends."

(There was a moment of silence as Maddie slowly turned to look at Wander, her eyes sparkling.)

Maddie: "You and Sylvia are all I have left, and now you two are leaving."

Wander: "Wh-what? How did you know?"

Maddie: "Let's just say it seems as though you believe your journey in this galaxy is over."

Wander: "It's....not like that...."

Maddie: "Then...?"


Wander: "Maddie...?"

Maddie: "Yes?"

Wander: "I...just wanted to say that I'm sorry."

Maddie: "For what?"

Wander: "For breaking your heart."

(A small gasp escaped Maddie's mouth as her eyes widened. She looked back at him, speechless.)

Maddie: "H-how did you...."

Wander: "No, I know this is sudden, but I know you liked me. Loved me, even, and, well...(blushes)...I loved you, too."

Maddie: (blushes also)".....Wander....."

Wander: "And when you left, I knew it was too late for me. I did my best to distract myself by being happy and helping others, but it didn't work. The truth is, Maddie....(his eyes sparkle as he gazes into hers)...I loved you from the start, and I still do. I hope you can forgive me."


Wander then put his hand on her cheek, brought her closer, and kissed Maddie. She was surprised at first, but then slowly, she closed her eyes. Suddenly, Wander's eyes shot open, and he quickly broke away from her.

Wander: "Oh my grop!" I'm SO sorry! I-I wasn't thinking! I just thought that you...."

He trailed off when he noticed that Maddie's hand was just touching her lip, she was blushing, and her eyes were half closed. She then started to giggle, and that giggle turned into a laugh.

Maddie: "I'm sorry, it's just that...(laughs) always were unpredictable."

Wander continues to stare at her, blinking and blushing as she continues to laugh. She stops laughing, and tears come to her eyes. She leans on Wander's shoulder.

Maddie: "Please....don't go."

Wander: "Come with me."

Maddie: (sighs) "I knew you were gonna say that, and....I don't know if I can accept. I mean, this place...this's been my home ever since I was born. You know that. I can't just....leave."

Wander: "Hey, it's been my home since I was born, too, and I believe that out there, there's a place that needs my help, a place that's possible better than here."

Maddie: "It doesn't matter if it's BETTER, this is still our home. What if this galaxy still needs your help? We can't just..."

Wander: "Hey, hey...have you forgotten? Hater's changed."

Maddie: "Changed?"

Wander: He's gonna save the galaxy, then supposedly "destroy it later," but I believe that after he saves it, he's gonna want to keep it that way. This galaxy has Hater, and I know for a fact that there are other galaxies like this one that needs heroes like us. So, what do ya say? Will you come with me?" (reaches his hand out to Maddie)

(There's a short pause. Maddie looks at Wander's hand, then back at him. He's smiling, waiting for her response. She finally smiles back and takes his hand.)

Maddie: "Yes. I'll go with you."

(Time skip to when it's time to leave.)

Sylvia: "Okay, I've got the Orbal Juice. You guys ready to go save a galaxy?"

Wander: (gets on Sylvia's back) "I'm ready, Syl." (looks down at Maddie) "You ready?" (reaches his hand out to her)

Maddie looks at his hand for a second, smiles, nods, grabs his hand, and he pulls her up on Sylvia's back. Wander creates an orbal bubble, and they leave, together.

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