(Wander, Sylvia, and Annika walk in silence for a few minutes.)

Sylvia: So...about my question earlier...where are we going?

Annika: We're going to my kingdom.

Wander: Oh, YAY!!! I can't wait to meet new friends!

Annika: That's not exactly why I'm bringing you there. You know Lord Hater?

Sylvia: HECK, YEAH! In fact, Wander and I are his biggest enemies!

Annika: Well, he has been attacking the kingdom recently. Actually, he and his Watchdogs haven't been the only ones attacking. Hmm, who else...Emperor Awesome...doom dragons....the Kremlons...anyway, you get the point. My kingdom has become the main target of many of the galaxy's villains. So I've been searching for one...or two...brave fighters that would be willing to protect the kingdom and the people.

Wander: (thinks for a second) Hey! WE'RE two brave fighters!

Sylvia: Yeah! We'd be happy to help you.

Annika: Thank you both so much! Oh, my kingdom is just behind these trees.

(Annika opens up the leaves of the trees and a whole kingdom laid before their eyes. The castle was a bright red like the red diamond on Annika's crown. All the houses were red, too.)

Wander: This place is AMAZING!!!

(Annika leads Wander and Sylvia down to the gates of the kingdom, where two dark brown male Star Nomads stood guard. Their names were Kilo and Shane.)

Kilo: Who are these outsiders, Queen Annika?

Annika: Kilo, Shane, this is Wander and Sylvia. They're here to help protect the kingdom.

Shane: If they're going to fight, then they'll need some armor and weapons.

Annika: That's right.

(Kilo and Shane open the gates.)

Annika: I'll show you the way to Isis. He'll give you armor and weapons.

Sylvia: Sweet!

(Wander and Sylvia follow Annika to Isis's hut. Annika knocks on the door.)

Annika: (knocks) Isis? It's Queen Annika.

Isis: Oh, please come in!

(Annika, Wander, and Sylvia walk into Isis's hut. Red and silver armor filled the walls.)

Annika: Isis, this is Wander and Sylvia. They're here to help us fight. They'll need some armor and weapons.

Isis: Yes, of course! (turns to Wander and Sylvia) What type of armor and weapons are you looking for?

Wander: (is interupted by Sylvia)

Sylvia: Where do I start? Let's see...I'll need a helmet, chestplate, sword, knife, flame thrower...

(Wander falls asleep)

Annika: Wander? It's time to choose your armor and weapons, now.

Sylvia: WANDER!!

Wander: (wakes up) Huh? (sees that Sylvia already has all her weapons and armor) Oh, umm...I'll have...a sword belt, and...umm...yeah, that's it.

Sylvia: You're going to need a little more than that, Wander.

Wander: But I have my hat! It'll give me anything I need!

Sylvia: Oh, yeah, I guess your right. I think we're good, Annika.

Annika: Alright. Thank you, Isis. 

(Wander and Sylvia follow Annika out of Isis's hut.)

Annika: In order to fight, you'll need training.

((To be continued...))

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