(They arrived at Exclamation Point the next day.)

Alobe: (whispers to herself) Finally, we're here. Hater will be here any minute. (grins evily)

Wander: Wow! This is AMAZING!! (sits down with Angel then turns to Alobe) Isn't this amazing, Alobe? You don't act like your enjoying this!

Alobe: (looks up) Huh? Oh...yeah. It's wonderful. (gazes out. One of the stars shone bright enough to be seen in her eyes)

(Alobe looked at the others. Wander had his arm around Angel, Scorpio had one arm around Shine, the other around Bara. Sylvia rested her head on Makota's back, and Moon sat silently by herself. She looked up.)

Moon: (sighs) My dear brother, how I wish you were here with us. (sees a shooting star) Comet...

(Alobe walks over and sits down by Moon)

Alobe: Comet? Who's that?

Moon: Huh? Oh, sorry Alobe! I didn't see you approach! Comet's my brother...or...was my brother.

Alobe: What do you mean? What happened to him?

Moon: He...was the War.

(Alobe's eyes get big. She flashbacked to the War. There was fire everywhere. Alobe ran through the on-fire trees, looking for her sister.)

?: Alobe!! ALOBE!!!

(Alobe runs toward the voice. Then she found the voice...her little sister. Her name was Torea. Her fur, once a beautiful blue and white, was now brown and burnt. Torea was stuck, and Alobe knew it. Alobe used all her strength to try to pull Torea out, but the fire separated them. Alobe no longer heard Torea's cry for help. Alobe came out of her flashback.)

Moon: Are you ok, Alobe?

Alobe: No. But I'll...I'll be ok. With you guys here, I know that I will.

(There was a loud sound. A huge tongue fell from the sky and almost made Moon into a pancake. Watchdogs flooded out. They grabbed Wander, and pulled him and Angel apart.)

Angel: WANDER!!!

Wander: ANGEL!!!

(Watchdogs held Angel back, and they brought Wander and Alobe on the ship.)

Sylvia: Hang on, Wander! I'm comin', buddy!

(The Watchdogs couldn't hold Sylvia back. She punched her way through the Watchdogs and ran up the tongue of Hater's ship.)

Hater's Voice: Watchdogs, don't forget that hideous zbornak!

Sylvia: Alright, THAT'S IT.

(Hater uses one of his machines to get Sylvia in his grasp. The ship's mouth closed, and flew away.)

Angel: (looks at the ship flying away) No...Wander...Sylvia.....Alobe.

Makota: Wait a second. I know Hater's been after Wander and Sylvia, but how come he took Alobe, and not any of us?

Scorpio: Yes, why did he?

Angel: It couldn't be...unless...Alobe...was working for HATER.

(Everyone gasps)

Bara: And...I actually thought that she was our friend...(turns around and cries into Scorpio's chest, and he pats her back)

Angel: Ok, we NEED to rescue Wander and Sylvia.

Moon: But what about Alobe? Sure, she betrayed us, but we should still come back for her, too.

Angel: I...I don't know, Moon. Let's just go.

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