(Angel turned back to her sister, Gemne, who was leaving with Shine's group, as well as Wander.)

Gemne: Are you sure you'll go by yourself?

Angel: Gem, it's ok, I'll be back. She awaits. (turns around and heads to a forest)

Gemne: (in her head) "She awaits?" Who's "she"?

(Gemne just shrugs and runs to join Shine's group. Meanwhile, Angel makes her way to the Ancient Tree of the Wise, so it was called. Angel looked up, and saw the mist of Nomad acending down from the branches. The mist takes on Nomad's form.)

Angel: I knew you would be here.

(For the forst time, Angel heard Nomad's voice. She voice was strong, like she was a leader.)

Nomad: Of course I'm here. I'm always here. You are me. I am you. Wherever you are, I am.

(Angel's eyes and brain suddenly changed. This whole other soul thing made complete sense to her now. She now fully understood that she herself had been Nomad, thousands of years ago. Now, the year and day she was born, she became Angel. But, she was first Nomad. Also, something else came to her. Nomad wasn't the only soul she was, another one was coming.)

Angel: This all makes sense. Nomad was me, I am her. We are one.

(Angel never spoke like that before. Nomad's brain had just transfered to her brain, and they were both one brain. They thought the same.)

Angel: Goodbye, dear Nomad, my friends await. For we are on a journey, I must not be late. (turns and leaves Nomad's mist behind)

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