(Joshua's group started walking to the north.)

Joshua: Guys, I hate to say this, but we're going to need some help.

Wander: How so?

Joshua: Well, there are only...(counts the number of people in the group)...six of us in this group, including the zbornak, and in order to search quickly, we would have to ride her. We all can't fit on her!

Wander: (gasps) You're right. (hops on Sylvia) Then WE'LL do the searching.

Lucas, Shane, and Melvin: Hold on, fuzzball.

Joshua: That could be an option, but Queen Annika said split up ONLY IF NESSESSARY.

Sylvia: He's right, Wander, Annika did say that.

Wander: Well, okay, (hops off Sylvia) What should we do then?

Joshua: (smirks) We'll need to find bounty hunters.

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