(Flame ran through the trees, then came to a field. The sun had just touched the horizon, and he didn't want to leave Angel alone in the dark, so he had to hurry. He stopped and scanned the field. He spotted a deer on the other side. He ran over to one side of the field, and inched closer to the deer. When he got closer, the deer's head shot up, and it looked around. Flame froze and held his breath. After a few seconds, the deer put his head down, and kept eating the grass. Then, in a split second, Flame bursted out of the bush he was hiding in, and started chasing the deer. The deer ran fast, but Flame ran fast, too. When he got close enough, he jumped on the deer's back, and stuck his knife in it's throat. He aimed it at its wind pipe, and hopefully the knife would clog it. Before the deer fell to the ground, Flame quickly jumped off its back. As the deer was slowly dying, Flame laid on the ground, and looked into the deer's eyes.)

Flame: (says to the deer as he looks into its eyes) Thank you for letting me take your life. Your meat with sustain us. (smiles)

(The deer seemed to smile, and right before it closed its eyes, there was a spark in his eyes...a spark of peace. He closed his eyes, and died. When Flame could clarify that the deer was dead, he took his knife and dug it into its flesh. Once he cut it open, he took his bag, and filled it with as much meat as it can hold. He told Angel that he would get enough food for the night, but Flame felt as though they needed food to last them for at least a week, maybe even more. Once he filled his bag, he looked at the deer one last time, turned around, and walked away. The sun could only be half seen, and Flame looked up if he could see any ememies or spirits were hovering overhead. Good thing he didn't see anything. He quietly made his way back to the big tree hollow that he had found for him and Angel to rest in. He walked in, and Angel laid on the ground asleep. Flame smiled, put his bag down, walked over to her, and laid down next to her. He put his arm around her, and she rolled over, opened her eyes, and peered into his.)

Angel: Hey.

Flame: Hey.

Angel: Find any food?

Flame: Yup. A whole deer.

Angel: (smiles) That's good to hear.

(Angel rested her head on Flame's chest, and they kept talking. Angel's heart was beating fast. She knew this wasn't right, but Wander wasn't here. She needed someone to lean on. After they talked and rested for a while, Angel sat up.)

Angel: Hey, Flame?

Flame: Yeah? (sits up too)

Angel: You know...I've had something on my mind for a while...

Flame: It's ok, can tell me anything.

Angel: (gulps) Remember the night we kissed?

Flame: One of the greatest moments of my life, cuz I knew I was kissing the one who was right for me. (looks at Angel with a gleam in his eye)

Angel: I know, and...I'm sorry...

Flame: Sorry for what? There's nothing to be sorry that we're together.

Angel: I..I'm sorry to say this, but....(closes her eyes, then opens them again)..I already found love. Before I met you.

Flame: (suddenly disapointed) Oh...what's his name?

Angel: His name is Wander. Ever since the day we met, me and him were soul mates. Yet, we didn't know that at the time. For we were just kids, almost teens.

Flame: Well...just know this...(takes Angel's face and brings her closer. They both looked each other in the eye) I will never, ever, stop loving you. (kisses Angel. Angel feels the need to push him away, but doesn't. She didn't know what to do, for she just broke his heart.)

(It cuts to Wander and the group in the very same woods Flame and Angel were in.)

Wander: Guys, this is the forest she's in. I can feel it in my spine. (sees a tree hollow in the distance) I'm going to check that tree hollow over there, see what I can find. You guys go check over there. (points to what looks like a small lake with a lot of trees around it.)

(Everyone nods and walks over to the lake. Everyone except Sabrina.)

Sabrina: I'll come with you. If you don't mind.

Wander: (turns to look at Sabrina) Huh? Oh, yeah, sure, whatever...(walks over to the tree hollow)

Sabrina: (whispers to herself) Finally, we can be alone! (rushes over to Wander, and they both walk over to the tree hollow)

(Wander and Sabrina look inside, and Wander couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was about to tell Sabrina to pinch him, but this was no dream. It was Angel...kissing someone else.)

Wander: (whispers to himself) Angel....?

Sabrina: Hmm...(thinks to herself) THIS is the Angel he keeps talking about. Welp, looks like she found love in someone else! (smirks and pumps her fist) 

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