(Angel felt the presence of another creature. She broke away from Flame, and when she locked eyes with Wander, she felt the stinging sensation that she always felt before she cried. She hadn't locked eyes with Wander in a long time, and this is what he sees.)

Angel: Wander...I..

(As soon as Angel said Wander's name, Flame growled, jumped up, and tackled Wander, and they fell to the ground.)


(The group heard Flame shouting, and they all turned around. They quickly ran back to try to help Wander. But when they saw Angel come out of the tree hollow, they stopped. They knew something was up.)

Angel: Flame, stop, leave him alone! He's my friend! Don't hurt him, please!

Flame: (turns around and looks up at Angel. He could see the hurt in her eyes. He slowly got off of Wander, and backed away.)

Angel: I'm sorry, Wander, he's just...

Wander: (gets up) There's no need to apologize...(turns and looks at Angel) won't make a difference.

(Angel looks at him with tears in her eyes. Wander and Angel haven't seen each other in forever, and now Wander was already upset with her. Wander, seeing that the rest of the group walked back over here, shocked about what just happened, walked over to them.)

Wander: C'mon, guys, let's go home.

(Everyone agrees, and they turn to go home. Flame follows the group...not saying a word. Nobody said anything. Makota approached Angel.)

Makota: Hey...what was all that about?

(When the group was far enough away, she blurt out everything.)

Angel: (hugged Makota as she blurted everything out.) Oh, Makota, I missed you guys so much! When I lost you guys, I didn't know what to do! I found a witch hut, and the witch said she would help me get home, but she tricked me. Then...Flame found me. He killed the witch. We traveled together ever since. Then one night...(holds back tears)...we were in a cave, and he kissed me. He has feelings for me, Makota. (breaks away from Makota as she finishes talking) But I have feelings for Wander...I can't go a single night without holding back tears just because I'm so confused!!

Makota: It's ok, Angel. I'm your best friend, and I'm always gonna be here for you. You know that. (smiles)

Angel: Thanks, Makota. (tries to smile) We should...probably get back to the group, now.

Makota: Yeah, ok. (turns around) Hop on. (smiles)

Angel: (smiles back and hops on Makota's saddle)

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