Comet: (wind blows through his fur) Guys...

(Everyone stops and turns to Comet)

Comet: Something...isn't right.

Moon: What? What's not right?

(Comet looks up at the clouds. They were swirling in a mysterious manner.)

Comet: It's the spirits. They're angered.

(Everyone exchanged nervous glances. Angel and Wander look at each other. There was pain in each of their eyes.)

Sylvia: Oh, man...when the spirits are mad, you don't know WHAT could happen.

Moon: That's right, which is why we need to get as far to the end of the galaxy as we can. Maybe not even as far as the end of the galaxy, but as far as the end of the universe.

Wander: Oh, I sure hope not. (looks up at the clouds) Everyone get out their Orbal Juice, we can leave, now.

(Everyone groaned in their heads. They felt as though they had just left another planet to land on this one. But before they could do anything, the planet seemed to come alive. The ground seemed to lift up from itself, and everyone went flying in different directions. They heard a laugh, which was a Planet Spirit.)

Angel: Wander!!!!

Wander: Angel!!!!

(They heard and saw no more.)

(Later, they weren't sure how later, Angel woke up. She looked around. It seemed to be a rock-like place with lava inside the walls. The Planet Spirit had somehow turned the planet inside-out, and Angel could still hear him...hovering around the planet. Angel thought about Janet, and if a Planet Spirit was still inside her. It didn't matter, Angel had to find a way out of that inside-out planet.)

Angel: Hello? Can anyone hear me? (her voice echoes)

?: Help!! Somebody!!!

Angel: (hears the voice, and recognizes it as Moon's) Hang on Moon, I'm coming! (runs toward the voice)

(Suddenly, Angel came to maze-like tunnels. Not only had the Planet Spirit turned this planet inside out, but he also managed to remodel it a little. Angel ran into the tunnels, scanning everywhere for Moon. She ran passed what was a dark, dead end. But then, she saw something silver in there. Angel walked back, and looked in there. It was Moon standing in front of a wall, to scared to move.)

Angel: Moon! Come on, quick! Let's get outta here!

(Moon still didn't move. Then, Angel saw why. Angel looked at the wall she was staring at, and it was stained with blood. Angel froze, too. Something disturbed her about this wall. Where had she seen it before?)

Sylvia's voice: Angel!! Moon!! Come ON!!!

(Angel and Moon didn't move. Angel was able to, however, shift her eyes to look at Moon. Angel could tell that Moon was hallucinating. Then it hit her. Angel saw this wall when she herself was hallucinating. But...why would she see it NOW?)

Sylvia's voice: LET'S GO, NOW!!!!!

(Still, Angel and Moon didn't move. Suddenly, Angel and Moon felt a strong grip on their sides. It was Sylvia picking them up. She placed them on her back, and ran. When they were far enough from the wall, Angel and Moon snapped out of it.)

Moon: What just happened?

Angel: I don't know. I just remember trying to get you to run, or something...I don't remember...

Moon: Yeah, I just woke up in front of that wall. I've seen that wall before...I just don't know where...

Angel: I think I know. You hallucinated, so that's how you saw it.

Sylvia: Guys, you saw a STUPID WALL. It doesn't matter anymore! Wander, Makota, Flame, and Comet are still missing. We NEED to keep moving!

Angel: You're right. C'mon, there's no time to waste!

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