Sabrina: (whispers as she looks at her hands and the camera slowly zooms out on her face) Black can't be....(faces her palms towards a lamp and lifts it off its night stand, and since her magic was weak, since she was just learning, the lamp fell and broke.) can't be...

(Angel walks through the vines in the little shelter)

Angel: Gemne? Where are yo...(Sabrina's magic almost hits Angel) Hey!

Sabrina: What are YOU doing here? Get OUT. (her magic got mad too, and it almost hit Angel again)

Angel: What are you DOING?!

Sabrina: wouldn't give a flarf...

Angel: No, seriously, that stuff coming from your hands is trying to kill me.

Sabrina: I'm a WITCH, apparently!

Angel: Ok, well, that's...uuhhh....interesting.

Sabrina: Right, though?

Angel: Ok, but have you seen Gemne? The sun's almost up, and we need to leave soon. I haven't seen her anywhere.

Sabrina: Eh, who CARES where that piece a' grop is... (flips her ponytail)

Angel: Uhh...I do.

Sabrina: Whatever. I could care less about where she is. Now get outta here before my magic accidently kills you.

Angel: (shakes her head and walks out, not giving a flarf about what just happened)

Sabrina: (uses her magic to create a witch hat)

(The hat appears in front of her. It was a black witch hat with a purple band around it. It floats up and places itself on her head.)

Sabrina: I have power that none of the others possess.

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