(Sylvia threw a knife at a dummy's head. Wander looked at her and wondered if he could ever be as good as her. He got an idea. He threw his knife at the same dummy Sylvia did and it went straight through Sylvia's knife. Sylvia and Annika saw this and their mouths dropped open.)

Sylvia: Wander! I didn't know you had such good aim...

Wander: Thanks, Syl.

(As Wander and Sylvia went through more training, Wander began to think. Ever since Annika cured him of his love for a cookie, he just seemed a little hype. Suddenly, a memory came to him. It was partly a vision, because he saw Angel's dead body on the ground, her knife still clenched in her hand and dripping blood. Then Wander saw himself in his tent holding something that looked like a cookie. Yes, a cookie. Sarah, that was what he named her. Wander snapped out of the flashback and looked at Annika. He took out another knife and threw it at her. He just missed.)

Annika: Hey!

(Two guards, Joshua and Melvin, immediately stood in front of Annika with their swords ready.)

Wander: Oh, I'm so sorry, Queen Annika. It's just...I'm sorry.

Annika: (pushes Joshua and Melvin aside) It's okay, Wander.

Joshua: Is there anything we can do for you?

Annika: Thank you, but no.

(Joshua and Melvin quickly take their places back at the door to the training grounds.)

Annika: (turns to Wander and Sylvia) Your training is now over. I've seen enough. (looks at Wander) Wander, you and I need to talk.

(Wander gulped. He was pretty sure he messed up big time.)

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