Who else remembers this?

They were coming. Star Nomad Wolves. Although, they were more wolf than Star Nomad. They walked on all fours and had the fangs of demons. They ran through the tall grass. They came to an opening, and peered out. They saw two Star Nomads, both female. One was older, and the other was small. The small one was none other than Angel. The big one being her older sister. The older sister heard the wolves' approaching. She stuck her head up and looked around. She didn't see anything at first. Little Angel got closer to her, but her older sister just pushed her away. The wolves broke out into a run again, and the older sister kept pushing Angel away.

Then the wolves broke through the tall grass. The older sis charged at them. She pulled out her knife and prepared for a fight. Angel watched with shock. She then turned around and began running in the opposite direction. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. Then one wolf started chasing Angel. The older sis saw this, left the other wolves she was fighting, and ran after the wolf running after Angel. The older sis then came in between Angel and the wolf who was chasing her. Angel kept running. The older sis then lifted her sword, and took off the wolf's ear. The wolf staggered back, in pain but still wanting to fight. Then the wolf clawed the older sis in the face, and she fell back, and made a horrible screeching sound. Angel ran faster as the wolves gathered around the older sis's dead body. Tears came to Angel's eyes as she ran, and disapeared into the trees.

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Sorry if ur confused lol

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