Wander: Five Nights at Freddy's Gmod with Angel!

Angel: Ok, let's do this.

Wander: (in a small voice) Hi, Angel!

Angel: Hi, guys! How you doin'? Anyway, we're playing...or, not playing, sorry, we have taken the job in a local newspaper to be night watchmen at eh...Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, isn't that correct, Wander?

Wander: Yes, we were very desparate for money, obviously...(holds up a wallet and a bug flies out of it)

Angel: Yeah.

Wander: Um.

Angel: (backs up while pointing her thumb back) Let's go have a look around, we have to turn the power off...

Wander: Ok, you wanna leave this room? That sounds like a "brilliant" plan.

(Wander and Angel go into a room with tiny containers in it.)

Angel: Alright, you can be flarfed, you're wasting away...

Wander: (picks up one container) Oh, oh...ste...are these steriods? (opens the container and pours the whole thing into his mouth)

Angel: Yeah...take some...

(Wander's gender switches back and forth hue)

(Angel laughs)

(Wander and Angel stand in front of the stage)

Angel: Here they are...the whole family...

Wander: Oh, boy...AH! What the...? Where'd the turtle come from?!

Angel: This is so creepy. Look at it, it's the...

Wander: Tsh...

Angel: It's the thing...

Wander: I've got missing textures on the wall, but yes.

Angel: Yeah. The fox is waiting behind there, Wander....waiting.

Wander: (reads the sign) Out of order...

Angel: What does the fox say, Wander?

Wander: Rahw rahw rahw

Foxy: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Wander: Oh, yeah, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! That's more accurate. (sees Foxy and backs away slowly)

(Wander stands in front of Bonnie)

Wander: Hi, "bunny". My nemesis....

Angel: Oh, here's the power room, Wander.

(Wander walks away from Bonnie, and he tries to reach out to grab Wander, but misses.)

Angel: Let's turn the power off, Wander.

Wander: Ok...

Angel: We have to follow the boss's order, Wander.

Wander: (gets nervous) OK...

(Angel pushes the power button, and it's pitch black.)

Wander: OH, good...(sees Freddy's missing) OHHHHH....

Angel: Where's he gone?

Wander: Umm....(holds onto something, thinking it's Angel) Hold me...(sees it's Bonnie) NO DON'T HOLD ME GET AWAY!!!!! Oh, grop...

(Wander and Angel hold on to each other, and they hear music)

Wander: Uh...



(Music continues to play)

Angel: Uhh....

Wander: Oh grop, no no no no...


Wander: No no no no no!!

(Wander and Angel run to the door)

Angel: (gibberish) Close the doors! Close the doors! CLOSE THE DOORS!!!!

(Wander closes the door, with Freddy being right outside)

Wander: Ok...

Angel: (catches her breath) Ok....ok...(her eyes get big as she points to the camera screen) THERE'S FREDDY, HE'S IN THE TOILET!!! HE'S IN THE TOILET!!!!!!!

(Freddy laughs)

Wander: Uh, the laughter...

Angel: Die. I'm pretty sure we almost survived the night, by the way...

Wander: I would hope so! We've been here for like, THREE DAYS!!

(Suddenly, Wander and Angel look like they've legit been there for three days)

Wander: Where's Freddy? Why is it so quiet?

Angel: HE'S THERE!! HE'S THERE!!!!!!!

Wander: WHERE?!

Angel: (points to the camera screen again) ON THE CAMERA!!!!!

(Freddy is holding up a sign saying "coming for you".)

Wander: OH, GROP!!! I do see him. Ok, what do we do about that?

Angel: I've got a plan, ok, Wander?

Wander: Ok.

Angel: I'm gonna go and shoot him with a crossbow...(holds up a crossbow)...and you keep an eye on him, alright? Keep watching the camera.

Wander: Ok.

(Freddy appears outside the window. He's holding a sign saying "open door".)

Wander: AAH!! (falls back)

Angel: AAH!!!

Wander: AAAHH!!!

(Power outage music)

(Freddy laughs)

Wander: AHH!! HE'S HERE!! HE'S HERE!!!!

Angel: (looks in the room from the other door and starts laughing)

Wander: HE'S HERE!!!!!!!

(From outside the window, Freddy points to the button that opens the door. Angel continues to laugh.)

Wander: What happens if we open the door?

(Wander opens the door, and Freddy attacks them.)

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