Inky-a orange star nomad, crush is wander and a little bit of devilness in her. Works with Rosalina and Luma.

Evil-a red star nomad, crush is Commander peepers and not so evil to Inky. Works with the hater empire and most of the time with Wander's crew.

Ocean-a blue star nomad, no crush and a little bit of braveness in her. Works with Wander's crew. 

Story of them-

Ocean:Inky did you know Evil is trying to.. DESTROY ALL OF OUR ANIMATRONIC FRIENDS?!

Inky:*suddenly stands up * Oh no!! What do we have to do? 

Ocean:Do what we have to do! Save them!!!

At the pizzera....

Evil:Well, well...what do we have here.. ALL THE ANIMATRONICS FROM FNAF!!!*giggles*Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

(le door opens)

Inky: Not so fast. Luma go...get her.*gasps*Sis, did you not invite us?

Evil:*looks at different directions* you're invited. 

Inky:Yayyy! Hello friends!!

All the the animatronics:Hello again!

(scene turns black as Inky, Ocean and Evil run to them)

Thank you:





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