Hello, im back with great news, its my birthday in 2 days!! So I made this story:

(Scene shows up at the Delightful kingdom)

Me:*comes out from le orble bubble*(in a blue galaxy dress) so why are we at P.E's place (p.e is queen delightful's daughter! ^//^)

Wander :(in a  blue oufit) because---

Sylvia:dont tell her!!!

Wande:its  something..

In the Delightful Kingdom...

Snowy:(a female member of the 7d, in a similar dress as Elsa's) Party supplies, check. WE HAVE EVERYTHING!!

Sneezy:Ah you look so cute in that dress.

Snowy:*blushes* thank you (snowy and sneezy have crushes on each other but they didnt tell each other)

Happy:Aw.. a love couple.

P.E:Happy, you know theyre not in love dating.


Another corner...

TheCrystalPony639:*smiles* this a wonderful idea! 

Woybff:I know.

SilverArticWolf36:she'll love it,

ForeverTrombone:aww its awesome.

later when they arrive...

Wander:come in this room.

(I enter)

The 7d:happy b-day!! (Start singing the happy b-day song)

SilverArticWolf36:(in a bonnie suit) Happy bday!!

TheCrystalPony639:(in a freddy suit) Yeah!

ForeverTrombone:(n a foxy suit) Whoo-whoo!

Woybff:(in a Wander suit) Celebrate!

Wander:*stuffs me in a chica suit* This is great.

After the party..

P.E:Happy birthday! !

Inky: (in the orble bubble with wander and sylvia) Thank you! 

P.E:No problemo!*smiles*

(The orble bubble disapears into the night sky) 

                                   The End!!

Thank you to:





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