Maddie: Hey, hey, HEY...

(Wander, Shine, and Sylvia turn around to see Maddie standing in the doorway)

Maddie: What'd I tell yall bout comin in MY SHED?!?! (pulls out chainsaw)

Sylvia: Well, we're doomed.

Maddie: (snaps) Take it away, fellas!

(Skeletons start playing drums on themselves)

Maddie: (sings) I'm gonna sing a song for you!

(Shine and Sylvia make a run for it, and leave Wander to face Maddie)

Maddie: I'm gonna show you a thing or two!

(Wander looks mortified)

Maddie: So, listen up, my dear! Just sit back..and relax...WHILE I EATCHA BRAINS!!!!

Skeletons: (sing) Na! Na! Na! Gonna eatcha brains!

Maddie: Brains! Brains! Brains! (starts chainsaw and saws it right down Wander's head)

Wander: (scream)

Skeletons: Na! Na! Na! Gonna eatcha brains!

(The police show up just as Maddie and the skeletons finish singing)

Police: Alright! ALRIGHT! What's going on in here?

(The chainsaw is almost to Wander's neck. He looks dead.)

Maddie: Umm..(blinks innocently)'s not what it looks like? (giggles)


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