(Wander, Sylvia, Maddie, Dan, and Shine are all sitting in a tree at night watching the moon, which is on the horizon)

Dan: Hey, guys, we should play a game!

Shine: Ok. Like what? (smiles)

Dan: Hmmm...let's play I Spy.

Wander: Ok! I got one. I spy with my little eye something...shimmering.

Maddie: Hmm...(looks around)

Sylvia: The lake!

Wander: Yep!

Maddie: Alright..I'll go next. I spy with my little eye...something....glowing?

Sylvia: Glowing?

(The five friends turn and look toward the glowing eyes in the bushes)

Maddie: Wait..that's not two glowing's an animal's eyeshine!

Shine: What animal do you think it is, Maddie?

Maddie: I'm not sure...and where's my sister? Lily! (there's no response, and the animal starts coming closer. The friends are in a tree, so they'll be ok for a little bit. They all start to whisper now)

Wander: Oh, my galaxy..where IS your sister?

Sylvia: Wander, I'm sure we'll find her, let's just try to find a way to get away from this creature.

Dan: But what if that creature has Lily?

Sylvia: Good point...

(The creature comes out, and the friends stop breathing. The creature is a cat)

Shine:'s a cat..

Dan: C'mon, guys! It's a small cat! Let's go down there. I'm SURE it doesn't have Lily.

Maddie: Wait, Dan! (it's too late. Dan's already slid down the tree. He walked over to the cat)

Dan: Hey, little fella! You know where Lily is? Do ya, huh? Huh? HUH? Who's a good kitty? (reaches his finger out to the cat. If Dan hadn't moved his finger back, the cat would've ripped it off) IT'S A KILLER CAT!!! IT"S A KILLER CAT!!!! (Dan climbs up the tree, and the cat wasn' far behind him) RETREAT!! RETREAT!! (by this point, everyone that was already in the tree starts screaming, Dan starts screaming, and the cat growls and continues to chase them. There is a vine hanging down from a tree nearby. The friends get to that tree. They slide down the vine, and Dan goes first) Wh..whoa!!!! Haha!! This is fu...(crashes into a tree. Maddie grits her teeth)

Wander: Maddie, Shine, here, go ahead of me!

(Maddie and Shine rush to the vine. First Maddie goes down it.)

Maddie: Woohoo!!! (She made sure to duck her head so she didn't hit the tree Dan did. Dan was hanging onto the tree for dear life. He jumped onto the vine after Maddie and slid down. Shine got on it and WOOHOOed all the way down.)

Sylvia:'ve better hurry up! (the cat is jumping from a tree that it was on last to the tree they were on) GO!! (pushes Wander down the vine) WEEEEEE!!!!! (Sylvia jumps on the vine, just as the cat's claw misses her, and slides down. The cat just stares at them, licks his paw, and walks away. When everyone gets to the bottom, they all start to laugh. The sun begins to rise. Lily comes through the bushes)

Lily: Why's everyone laughing?

Maddie: Lily! You missed it!

Lily: (is just standing there while her sister and friends laugh) Missed what?

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