(Hater is busy doing whatever)

Hater: PEEPERS!!!!!

Peepers: Yes, sir?


Peepers: I'm on it, sir! (dashes out of view)

Hater: (growls)

A creature: Ummm...excuse me? (taps Hater and Hater turns around)

Hater:....WHAT?!?! (gets a good look at the creature, who is some sort of skeleton girl) Oh...ummm.....sorry....uhh....yes?

Girl: My name is Lili, and I was wondering if you had a pencil I could borrow? I was given an assignment, and I was stupid enough to forget a pencil! (smiles)

Hater: (is in love and doesn't process her question until three seconds later) Oh! A! (pulls out pencil and gives to Lili)

Lili: Thanks so much! (blinks and smiles) Well, I gotta go! Catch ya later!

Hater: Yeah! Uhhh...(is unsure of what to say) Catch....ya...later!! Hehehe!

Maddie: (enters)

Hater: (runs up to Maddie) Maddie!! Maddie!! Did you see that?!?! Did you see THAT?!?! A skeleton girl, She's a ME!!!!! (starts to dance)

Maddie: Oh, great! Here we go....Lord Hater's in love...(unsure if she should say something else or walk away. She just rolls her eyes and crosses her arms while Lord Hater continues to dance) 

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