(Lord Hater (Ursula) is in his lair making a potion that will turn Maddie (Ariel) into a human for three days)

Hater: I will make a potion that will turn you into a human for three days. Got that? (turns Ariel's head towards him) Three days! So, if you want to stay human forever, you need to get your prince to fall in love with you. That is, he has to kiss you....not just any kiss...the kiss of true love! (A heart forms and crown forms around it)

Maddie: If I become human...then I'll never be with my father or sisters again...

Hater: That's's full of tough choices ISN'T IT?!'ll have your man. (chuckles) Now, I just need one thing in return.

Maddie: But I don't have anything.

Hater: Hush, child! What I want from you, is..your voice.

Maddie: My voice? (Holds throat)

Fleeblebort (Sabastian): No, Maddie! Don't do it! 

(A contract appears in front of Maddie. She closes her eyes and signs it. Hater grins an evil grin as he takes the contract.)

Hater: (sings) Beluga, sevruga Come, winds of the Caspian Sea...(blue light swirls around Maddie and Lord Hater.)...Larynxes, glossitis Et max Laryngitis La voce to me!! (Hands reach out of the potion) Now, sing!

Maddie: (sings) Aaah..aaah!

Hater: Keep singing! (The hands reach for Maddie's throat)

Maddie: Aaaah..aaaahh...(Hands grab Maddie)...aah..aaaaahh! (Hands reach in Maddie's throat and pulls out her voice. Her voice is now an orb)

Maddie's voice: Aaahh...aaaahh....(The voice gets put in the shell in the necklace around Hater's neck. Hater laughs an evil laugh as Maddie turns into a human. Fleeblebort and Dan take her to the surface, since humans can't breath underwater.)

(End of Scene)  

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