(Maddie is sitting by herself in a tree. Wander climbs up to join her.)

Wander: Maddie....

Maddie; Stop! I know what your about to say. You're are upset with me because NOW you know Shine is alive. I know it wasn't a dream, and that I saw her with my own eyes. She's yellow with her hair braided down her hair back, right?

Wander: (looks upset) Yes...

Maddie: ....

Wander: Are you ok, Maddie? (frowns)

Maddie: Sorry, Wander..I..I just can't concentrate, I....I just gotta go! (jumps down from the tree and runs. She ran like her life depended on it. The tears started to fall, even though her eyes were closed. She knew that once Wander knew that Shine was alive, he would go and find her, and run away with her, leaving herself, Maddie, behind. Dan would be her only family and friend again, because of COARSE Sylvia would go with Wander. She wasn't watching where she was going and ran into a tree and knocked herself out.)

(Maddie had a dream, of coarse, of her mom holding her, her dad looking over at her over her mom's shoulder. Then, something new happened. Shine bursts through in between her mom and dad, with an evil smile on her face. The next thing Maddie saw was Wander and Shine literally running away together. Maddie jerked awake. After a nightmare, she was used to holding on to Dan, and Dan was no where to be found. It was the middle of the night, and Maddie could barely see anything. But her dream couldn't be true...about the whole "evil smile" thing with Shine. Based on Wander's story about her, she seemed really nice...or seems nice....)

Maddie: (has a pounding headache. Rubs head) W..wh...Dan? Wander? Sylvia? Anybody?! (hears just crickets chirping. She can't concentrate and she just falls back to sleep)

(It is morning)

Maddie: (wakes up. groans) It's...morning....where's Dan? (gets up and starts walking)

A voice: Maddie! Maddie!!

Maddie: (recognizes the voice) Dan! DAN!! Where are you?!?! (runs into Dan from running)

Dan: Maddie!! Are you ok?!

Maddie: No!!! Ladt night was horrible!!

Dan: Oh...was it because I wasn't sleeping by you? I was looking for you all night!!

Maddie: Oh, Dan! (hugs Dan) I'm so glad I have you for a friend!!!

Dan: What do you mean? We're best friends, aren't we?

Maddie: I can already feel Wander and Sylvia drifting away from me...

Dan: Maddie!! (shakes Maddie) WHAt ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

Maddie: (calms down) Ok...(takes deep breathe) know Shine?

Dan: Yeah..I think so...

Maddie: Wander knows she's and him thought she was dead...but...she's ALIVE!!!

Dan: Ok..Maddie....COOL IT!!!

Maddie: Dan...Wander was perfect for me...and...if he and Shine run away together...then....(tears come to her eyes)....I'll never see him again.

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