(The family return to their planet. They walk into the castle)

Maddie: Whoa...

Lily: It's funny how I've never seen this place!

(The castle doors open)

A Servant: Behold! The princesses have returned!! (Everyone cheers)

Another Servant: It's the King and Queen! (Everyone bows before them)

Thomas: Thank you, gentlemen! Now, girls, let's get you into your gowns! (Thomas takes them to their rooms)

(Maddie's room is decorated with all musical things like music notes. She sees a golden brown guitar in the corner of her room)

Maddie: (holds the guitar) Wow...

(Lily's room is decorated with colors of all kinds. There is a painter's easel and paint brushes waiting for her)

Lily: (giggles) This is so cool!!

(Later, the girls are in their gowns)

An Announcer: Please welcome Princess Maddie, the princess of music!

Maddie: (whispers) The princess of music! (smiles and walks down the isle in her flowing red dress)

The Announcer: And now, please welcome, the youngest princess, Princess Lily! The princess of color!

Lily: I'm the princess of color? How? She wonders this as she walks down the isle in her sun-yellow flowing dress)

(I know I said that Maddie and Lily were the same age, but Maddie was born 12 minutes before Lily)

(The two princesses are cheered for as they stand in front of everyone. Maddie looks into the audience, then sees a few critters who look very familiar. She then realizes them. They're her zbornak, Dan, Wander, Sylvia, and Shine.)

(Well, she didn't expect that.)

(To be continued...)

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