(Maddie and Wander are on the phone)

Maddie: Waaander!

Wander: What?

Maddie: Waaaaander!

Wander: What? Who is this?

Maddie: It's Maaaaddiiieee!

Wander: Oh, hey Mads!! Home dawg! Best creature friend forever!

Maddie: I ALWAYS thought you were cute! Can you get me some fishsticks?

Wander: Sorry..I..I can't do that...

Maddie: But I thought we were friends!

Wander: (silent)

Maddie: Uhhh...there's some weird chick staring at me

Wander: (silent)

Maddie: Oh...that's just me in the mirror.

Wander: (silent)

Maddie: I have to go take care of this mirror. Byyyyyyye!! (hangs up)

Wander: (hangs up. pauses.) She's so cute!! (grins)

(The original is with Pinkie and Spike)

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