(Maddie is in a cage and Hater is talking to her)


Maddie: Don't think you're so clever! I knew you were a fake all along!! I'm not worried though, I know my friends will come and help me!

Hater: mean...THESE FRIENDS??? (opens the ceiling and Wander, Sylvia, and Dan are seen dangling from ropes, with their mouths covered with rope as well. Maddie looks horrified) BWAHAHAHA!!!! Hater wins!! Wander loses!! (points at Wander. He starts singing and dancing) Who's the greatest?? I'M THE GREATEST!! (dances) BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Maddie: (growls) HOW COULD YOU????!!!!

Peepers: (is seen looking sad in the backround)

Hater: PEEPERS!!! GO GET ME MY COFFEE!!!! (Peepers brings it to him right away. Hater takes the coffee without even saying "thank you") Oh...and Maddie....

Maddie: (snarls) WHAT?!?!

Hater: I knew your parents...(smirks)

(Maddie, Wander, Sylvia, and Dan look mortified)

Maddie: What?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!?! (tries to break out of the cage)

Hater: I was going to marry your mother. But your IDIOT father stepped up and took her hand. (Maddie makes a mean face at Hater as he finishes the story.) I plotted to destroy him, and when I did, I ended up destroying your mother too. I was upset, that's when Peepers found you and your dumbo zbornak! (Dan makes a sad face)

Maddie: (tries to hold her anger) You know what, Hater? You may have destroyed my parents, but my family is dangling off your ropes back there. (looks at Wander, Sylvia, and Dan, who she can tell are smiling. She smiles back at them.)

Hater: AAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! I destroyed your parents, Maddie, and I will make your life as miserable as it ca....(gets kicked in the head. It's Sylvia.)

Sylvia: HAHA!!!

Peepers: (comes to attack)

Dan: (punches him and Peepers blacks out)

Wander: (opens the cage, holds Maddie, and uses the rope he was stuck in to swing up to the ceiling. He makes a hole in the roof and gets out his Orbal Transporter juice. He and Maddie are already in it, and Dan and Sylvia use the rope Wander used to get in the bubble. Maddie and Dan get in a separate bubble and Wander looks upset as she does so. Like he doesn't want her to leave him and his bubble. Maddie and Wander both ride their zbornaks away from Hater's ship)

(Later, Maddie and Wander are seen watching the sunset on a mountain ledge.)

Wander: So...Maddie...(Maddie looks at him and blinks) Did you mean it when you said me, Sylvia, and Dan were your family?

Maddie: Well...yeah...Dan is my he was pretty much my only family.

Wander: (nods)

Maddie: But then I met you and Sylvia. After a while, I realized you two were also my family. (smiles)

Wander: You meant it? (smiles hopefully)

Maddie: Of coarse! (hugs Wander)

(Wander and Maddie are seen huging as the sun set behind them. The episode ends)


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