(Maddie is leaning against a tree talking to herself)

Maddie: My life is a horror movie! Lord Hater is just USING me, he's controlling my LIFE! I actually thought he was my DAD! (sighs and sinks down, still leaning against tree) I guess I'll never know who my real parents are. (looks hopefully at a star in the distance. Then gets up and starts walking. She comes to pond.) How long has this pond been here? (looks at her reflection)

Maddie: Huh....

(Maddie's reflection looks nice one second, then it does an evil smile back to her)

Maddie: (scream, falls, and backs away. Then looks at the reflection again. It's normal.)

Maddie: This is no ordinary pond (she say to her reflection. She then remembers the ending of a nursery rhyme that she heard when she was little and starts saying it out loud.)

Maddie: Come out! Come out! The second part of me! The yin, the yang, become as one!! (the reflection of Maddie steps out of the pond and the reflection is staring back at Maddie.)

Maddie: (doesn't know what to say) Hi! I'm Maddie!

Maddie #2: Yeah, so am I, like I'm the only one who really CARES!! (pushes by Maddie and runs into the woods)

Maddie: Hey! Wait! Where are you going!? (runs after Maddie #2)

(Dan is seen planting flowers in a nearby flower field. He sees Maddie #2. He doesn't know it's not the real Maddie.)

Dan: Hey, Maddie!

Maddie #2: I know you?

Dan: Is that a joke? I'm your zbornak, Dan!

Maddie #2: Never seen you before in my life! Hey, nice flowers! (steps on them and squishes them) NOT!! (smiles and runs away)

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